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Expansion Proposals for the Ricketts Point Tea House


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2012: Bayside Council approves application for a liquor licence for Ricketts Point Tea House. BCS Inc. wrote to Council stating its case against a licence, which had been rejected at 2 earlier attempts below.


2007: Bayside Leader report on 2007-09-04 about the latest rejection of attempts to apply for a liquor licence, and to extend trading hours at the Ricketts Point Tea House.


2007: Bayside Council meeting adopted the recommendation of Item 4.6 below to not agree to allowing the Tea House tenant to apply for a liquor licence or extended hours.

* 2007: The President of BCS Inc. congratulated Bayside Council Committee on its vote on 2007-08-21

that the Tea House lessee should not apply for the liquor licence described below.

It is recorded that Mr Ronald Morris, Ms Kerry Smith, Mr Russell Hellier, Ms Janet Ablitt, Mr Ted Kempster & Mr Renato Poci spoke for three minutes in relation to this matter.

Moved Cr Norris Seconded Cr O’Brien, "That Council not agree to allow the tenant of the Ricketts Point Teahouse to apply for a liquor licence and that Council does not agree to extend the current trading hours."

The MOTION was PUT and a DIVISION called.

DIVISION:  FOR              Crs O’Brien, Wilson, Stegley, Norris & Hayes (5)
    Crs del Porto, Long, Knight & McLorinan (4)             CARRIED


2007: Staff report to Bayside City Council - Section 4.6 of the Agenda for the BCC General Committee meeting on 2007-08-21 points to increased rental fees for Council, and states,
"The Bayside Tourism Strategy highlights the need to develop and promote beachside and foreshore dining in order to successfully market Bayside for its food and beverage industry. The Strategy also identifies the potential for a significant growth in Bayside’s food and beverage industry by capitalizing on Bayside’s beachside location. It is considered that the tenant’s proposal will attract many additional tourists and residents to the municipality and is consistent with the objectives of the Strategy."
Sadly, this report places little stress on how this tawdry capitalizing compares to tarnishing the adjacent State Marine Sanctuary, specifically listed in the National Parks Act.
In Victoria, areas under that Act are not right next to licensed liquor cafes. The margin of the Marine Sanctuary deserves a much less commercial ambience. The report finally states,
"STAFF RECOMMENDATION That Council agree to allow the tenant of the Ricketts Point Teahouse to apply for a restricted liquor licence from 11am to 3 pm, seven days a week and that Council does not agree to extend the current trading hours."

Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. opposes any breakdown in the understanding now that the Tea House would not gradually become a licensed cafe, as the above plan proposes.


Government Response to Environment Assessment Council Recommendation R37 is to incorporate in the Victorian Coastal Strategy a requirement for limited, if any, visitor facilities in Coastal Protection Zones, one of which the EAC Map A identifies as the foreshore reserve land adjacent to the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary.


2006: Proposals for:


Have operators of the Tea House taken on the role of proponents of changes to the scale, nature, purpose and style of the Tea House rather than primarily pursuing goals that elected Councils have determined for it? Relentless expansion, this 2002 sign, and its web promotion as a Cafe, suggest that its operators promote much more than a Tea House, despite the Council sign still there in 2006.


  2002: Proposal to extend the Ricketts Point Tea House by making the upper storey larger, and adding a
  balcony, was opposed but approved. Click on link for letter with photograph.


1986: Proposal in 1986 to extend the new Ricketts Point Tea House, after only 6 months' operation, was approved, but the BYO liquor licence sought was rejected by the Council.


1982, 1983 and 1984 BCS Inc. Annual General Meetings considered Sandringham Council's proposal to rebuild the recently burnt-down Ricketts Point Tea House.


1951: Aerial view of Beaumaris shows the original one-storey pre-war Tea House at Ricketts Point. Zoom in at 400% to see former screening trees and smaller footprint.

Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., of which BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization since 1970