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Concourse Structure Plan: Bayside City Council invites written comments by 31st December 2004 - Note Section 5.4 extols the Concourse Green, but is silent about skateboards.


A petition against locating the proposed skateboard ramp on the Concourse Green can be signed on Saturday mornings at South Concourse.


Beaumaris Hotel: 2-storey dwellings to replace car parks, converting hotel to flats, replacing 1960s accretions  with rebuilt original fašade, underground car park for 75 cars




Further infestation, at Table Rock, of the South African bulb Sparaxis elegans. This has occurred 12 months after the earlier, still uneradicated outbreak was reported.




Zoning of Concourse Green to Public Park & Recreation Zone proclaimed in Victoria Government Gazette of 23rd September 2004 DOES NOT STOP THE CONCRETING PLAN


Bayside Council's General Committee voted on 20th September to approve the plan for part of the Concourse Green to be concreted for a Skateboard Ramp


Open Days at Gramatan Avenue & Bay Road Heathland Reserves &, on Saturday, 9th October 2004, from 9:30 a.m. to noon, at The Grange Heathland Reserve.  See Heathlands




Workshop on Boating Coastal Action Plan by Central Coastal Board on Thursday, 12th August 2004, from 6-8 p.m. at Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron


JUNE 2004


Bayside Council applauded for  removing ugly steel poles from nature strip next to the Concourse Green, & asked to keep the view  of the Concourse Green free of clutter.


Independent Panel's Report on Amendment C35 to Planning Scheme to give Concourse Green a Park & Recreation Zone status: Council to debate report on 21/6/2004


MAY 2004


Congratulations to Bayside City  Council for rejecting, by a 7-2 vote, the proposal to sell, and allow to have fenced off,  the treed part of the Holding Street road verge.


MARCH 2004


Letter to Bayside Council opposing proposal for a timber stairway down Beaumaris Cliff near the existing roadway access to Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron lease


Letter to Bayside Council informing it of the unacceptability of any part of Donald MacDonald Reserve being used for a BMX bicycle track


BCS Inc. supports Bayside Council's proposed regeneration burn for heathland in Donald MacDonald Reserve, as recommended by Council's qualified botanical staff.


Letter to Bayside Council stating the main concern about a proposed skateboard facility in Beaumaris Reserve that it should involve no loss of indigenous vegetation


Please make a note in your diary now that Clean Up Australia Day will be Sunday, 7th March 2004. Clean up between 10 a.m. and 12 noon at Ricketts Point Landside, directly opposite the Tea-house. Please wear a hat, sensible shoes, sunscreen and gardening gloves. Ring Sue Raverty on 9589 2103 for any information.




 BCS Inc. has written to Bayside City Council opposing a proposal to sell part of the treed nature strip of Holding Street at the High Street corner.




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