Call for swift action on overdevelopment


Beaumaris Conservation Society members Geoff Goode, Wendy Parker, Virginia Mosk and Shelley Durance.

Beaumaris and Black Rock vegetation is under increasing attack as developers and new home builders view the area as ripe for overdevelopment.

The devastation to our environment stems primarily from the onslaught of medium-density development and the trend toward ever-bigger houses.

This unrelenting destruction is affecting the bushy tree character of Beaumaris and Black Rock.

We have now reached a critical tipping point which demands immediate corrective action from both residents and government.

I need to point out that the Beaumaris Conservation Society is not against quality development that is sensitive to and embraces our local environment.

We will be running an education night at the Beaumaris Secondary College on October 11 to educate residents about the need for urgent action and the role they can play.

For tickets or more info: