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Tree removal at Beaumaris SC

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 16:00

At its meeting on 18 October Council resolved to:

  1. Urgently write to the State Minister for Education advising that whilst it supports the re-building of the Beaumaris Secondary School and acknowledges that the redevelopment will provide significant benefit to the community, Council is deeply concerned about the proposed vegetation removal and its impact on the treed character of the local area, and requests the Minister to take the following actions:
    • To immediately stop the removal of 87 trees at the Beaumaris Secondary College site to enable meaningful public consultation to take place prior to the removal of trees;
    • To release the plans of which trees have been identified to be removed and the justification;
    • To reconsider the number of trees for removal and review the plans with a view to incorporating more trees into the design;
    • To release the arborist report in full to enable an independent review of the report; and
    • To provide the local community with a well-developed replanting schedule and landscaping plan utilising indigenous species to ensure there is a positive benefit to the school environment.
  2. Forward a copy of the letter to the Premier of Victoria and local members of Parliament seeking their support in this matter.