Fact Sheet No. (February / March 2016)



Since the release of our Project Fact Sheet No. 5 in February 2015, the BMYS EES team has continued to undertake key studies as outlined in the Assessment Guidelines for the EES.  These Assessment Guidelines can be found at

Assessments undertaken to date are:

  • Geology, geomorphology and fossil beds
  • Biodiversity and habitat
  • Coastal Processes
  • Water quality
  • Climate Implications – Coastal Hazard Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Traffic and Parking
  • Land Use and Infrastructure
  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Alternative designs for the Safe Harbour
  • Stakeholder and community consultations

These assessments are critically important and much effort has been expended by the Club and its consultants over the past year to support the primary objectives of the proposed Safe Harbour Development project which are:

  • Creation of an all-weather safe harbour facility for members (and a refuge for other boating users);
  • Provide a facility that will cater for the demands of Club members for the next 50 years.
  • Redevelopment to be self-funded from the existing membership and not put at risk the ongoing financial stability of the Club.
  • Provide for on-site storage of members vessels (138 marina wet berths and 78 dry berths);
  • Provide a marina facility designed and operated to environmental best practice (i.e. Cleaner Marinas – EPA guidelines for protecting Victoria’s marinas) to minimise impact of boating in Port Phillip and the local coastal area.
  • Reduce the impact on traffic and congestion on Beach Road (both car / bicycle users);
  • Reduce the impact on surrounding neighbours by removing the current situation of members parking cars and trailers in surrounding streets during busy periods of use;
  • Improve public access to the foreshore area;
  • Eliminate the need for regular maintenance dredging (approximately every 3-5 years) to the existing ramps.
  • To have minimal impact on the physical and visual landscape (i.e. obscured from vision from Beach Road).
  • Recycling of stormwater on-site as well as a marine toilet “pump-out” facility.

While the BMYS Safe Harbour Development itself is a privately-funded proposal, the project would also provide a number of community benefits.  Most significantly,  community access will be improved with the Safe Harbour breakwater to be aligned with an improved disability standard access path alongside the current driveway, potentially forming part of the Bayside coastal trail.  This will allow pedestrian access and improved public fishing off the breakwater, with interpretative signage and displays to be erected along walking paths to highlight the significance of the fossils and cultural heritage of the area.   A refreshment kiosk will also be provided and open to both members and the public. Dry stack and wet berths on-site will reduce the need for a large number of boats and trailers to regularly access the site, with a flow-on decrease in boat and trailer parking in neighbouring streets.

The EES details the process of determining alternative design options for the BMYS Safe Harbour project.  The options and alternatives assessment was conducted by specialist consultants and information and data from the conditions and impact assessment reports were taken into consideration in the final concept plan. (Refer Figure 1 below).


Marina SKU 2016


As part of the community consultation process as required by the EES process, BMYS has reviewed the design of the originally proposed rock wall breakwater surrounding the Safe Harbour. The breakwater is a critical feature in the development proposal for the Club as it is a key component in providing an ‘all weather’ safe harbour.

A decision was taken to replace the rock wall with an alternative design featuring a pre-cast concrete sheet pile widescreen/breakwater which will have considerably less footprint and impact on the seabed than the rock wall. Importantly, the breakwater will provide 24/7 public access for a range of activities including recreational on-shore fishing facilities.

BMYS considers the provision of community access is important to the success of the safe harbour project as well as providing greater access for a range of users to this area, including boat users, recreational people, kayakers, snorkellers and fossil collectors/researchers.

Additionally, and most importantly, access for people with a disability and/or limited mobility will also be provided. As part of the proposed development the existing walking track will be connected at the top of the access road to the BMYS. The path will extend along a new disability access path beside the existing access road and include interpretative signage identifying key historic and environmental attributes of the area.

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