Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron (BMYS)

Safe Harbour /Marina Project

Status – 1 May 2014

About the Project:

BMYS proposes to develop a Safe Harbour and Marina at their existing site in Beaumaris Bay located on the eastern shore of Port Phillip between Ricketts Point and Mentone Beach.

The project encompasses:

·     Construction of a surrounding rock wall breakwater with public access to create an all weather safe      harbour;

·     Construction of a waterfront boardwalk on the south-west boundary with public access and kiosk;

·     120 floating marina berths;

·     78 berth ‘dry stack’ facility launching dock and ‘lay by’ berths;

·     Construction of a new three lane fully protected boat ramp;

·     Pump out facilities;

·     Rationalisation of car and trailer parking;

·     Construction of a new Clubhouse incorporating a fully equipped power boating training  facility;

·     Seabed reclamation in the area in front of the existing BMYS facilities.

Environmental Approvals Process:

The proposed redevelopment of the existing BMYS facilities requires an Environment Effects Statement (EES) under the Environment Effects Act 1978. The EES will provide a detailed examination of the environmental impacts of the proposal and feasible alternatives. Scoping requirements have been prepared for the project which can be accessed via the following link:

The Safe Harbour project also requires a Planning Permit to be granted by the Department of Sustainability and Environment under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and the Coastal Management Act Consent.


Status at 1 May 2014:

·     Key Assessment Studies on Fossil Geology and Coastal Processes required as part of the EES process commenced in the second half of 2010.

·     The Coastal Processes Report and Coastal Hazard Vulnerability Assessment were completed and a Draft Report on the first stage of the Fossil Geology investigation issued at the end of November 2011.

·     Regular meetings have been held of a Technical Reference Group (TRG) set up by the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) to manage the EES process. BMYS is represented by the Commodore and Vice Commodore on the TRG. Reports arising from these meetings have been distributed to all associated government departments and BMYS for review and comment.

·     Arising from these TRG meetings, further investigations were required to be carried out including additional studies by the Museum of Victoria on the distribution of fossil bearing rock strata across the sea floor in the area of the proposed Marina and breakwater. The fossil survey and accompanying final report were completed in June 2012.

·     The Fossil Geology report was reviewed by an independent expert appointed by DPCD. A decision was made by the TRG that this report satisfied the requirements of the fossil investigation with no further action required to satisfy this element of the EES.

·     Remaining EES impact assessments and analysis of development options are yet to be addressed. These include the investigation of alternative designs for the Safe Harbour/Marina, the effects of any additional traffic in the immediate area, cultural heritage, marine ecology, landscape values and visual amenities, and cliff stability. Social, economical and infrastructure investigations will also be carried out.

.     BMYS has been advised by DPCD that the existing Boating Coastal Action Plan (BCAP) for this area of Port Phillip is under review. It is expected that the BCAP will be revised to ensure its relevance and currency for the next five years (2013-18) with approval to be granted by the end of 2012. It is expected that BMYS will be recognized as a ‘Regional Boat Facility’ – which is consistent with the concept of the proposed Safe Harbour/Marina project.

·     Once complete, the EES, together with all planning documentation and BCAP recommendations, is subject to a public exhibition period of 20-30 business days. The timing for this is dependent on progress of the impact assessment work and at this stage is likely to occur in the second half of 2013.


Consultation with the local community and key stakeholders is an important part of the EES process. Consultation with key agencies has commenced. Feedback is encouraged through the following communication channels:

·     Email:  or telephone: 03 9589 5156 (Mr Paul Morgan – Club Manager)

·     Open Day (date to be announced – likely to be in the second half of 2014)